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    I'm currently studying Machine Learning at Holberton, Tulsa with an anticipated graduation in December 2023.

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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Ben Sbanotto

At my core, I'm a person who is excited by innovative solutions to problems devised by a great team.

I am originally from Northwest Arkansas. I relocated to Tulsa in 2011 and am currently studying Machine Learning at Holberton Tulsa. Prior to this, I spent 10 years as a mechanical engineer specializing in process improvement. Outside of work, I am a triathlete and enjoy racing in the occasional local race. After I graduate from Holberton, I am looking for a role where I can combine my past problem solving and technical leadership skills with my growing set of technical skills to solve challenges facing the community around me.

Throughout my education and career, I have always been a person who likes to vocalize off-the-wall, unnatural solutions to the challenges we face. While these ideas are never implemented in full, I've found they are a great way to open the door for others to speak their thoughts and creates a unique atmosphere for brainstorming.

Some facts about me for trivia night:

  • I'm a very amateur triathlete. I completed my first IronMan in Tulsa in 2021
  • I'm a pretty good cook, and love trying out new recipes
  • I love a Gantt chart. It has consistently proven itself as my go-to tool to stay organized on large projects



Project based peer learning environment

20 month program that starts with 8 months learning: Shell, C, and Python, followed by 12 months focused on Machine Learning

Graduate of Arkansas Tech University in 2010

Graduate of Arkansas Tech University in 2010

My Specialties

My Skills

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Work Experience

Student Tutor - Holberton Aug 2022 - Present

Holberton is a software school that focuses on project based learning in a peer environment.

  • Conducted live coding sessions for up to 80 students on upcoming concepts, offering guidance based on lessons and experiences gained during the initial learning of these concepts
  • Assessed students' understanding by reviewing their code and asking them to explain their code in non-technical terms

Skills: Python (Programming Language) · NumPy · C (Programming Language) · MySQL

Senior Analyst, Engineering - Whirlpool Corporation Mar 2021 - Apr 2022

Whirlpool Corporation is a global leader in the manufacture of household kitchen and laundry appliances. The Tulsa facility manufactures slide-in ranges for the North American market.

  • Reinforced a culture of safety first by updating and standardizing lockout-tagout procedures throughout the steel press fabrication area
  • Reviewed plant best practices for submission to a global database to be implemented in similar production lines
  • Increased output of range cooktops by 2,700 pieces per day by reducing tooling change-over time by 15 minutes per change
  • Increased engagement in lean process activities from 11% to 30% by adding a quick kaizen training to the employee onboarding process

Production Engineer - Solvay Oct 2019 - Mar 2021

Solvay is a global leader in materials, solutions, and chemicals. The Tulsa facility specialized in the production of pre-impregnated composite materials supplied to the aerospace and automotive industries.

  • Maintained weekly production schedule boards for film coating, hot melt, and resin mixing production lines
  • Ensured manufacturing costs were accurate by updating ERP data in SAP as required by the change management process
  • Reduced in-standard waste by 33% by optimizing Bills of Material and machine set-up procedures

Quality Assurance Engineer - T.D. Williamson Jun 2019 - Oct 2019

T.D. Williamson is an industry-leading solutions provider for pressurized pipeline system maintenance. T.D. Williamson designs, develops and manufactures equipment for onshore and offshore applications.

  • Worked along side Operations Engineers and Service Technicians to address all field failures
  • Maintain a global quality KPI dashboard that displayed data for each service center, summarized by both North American and Global regions
  • Developed a customer owned equipment repair program to define workflow and responsibilites for all stages of maintenance and repair of customer owned, T.D. Williamson designed machines

Quality Manager - Clear Edge Filtration Jan 2018 - Jun 2010

Clear Edge Filtration is a leader in the manufacture and development of textile filtering products. Their products are used to separate water from mine tailings, filter presses in wastewater treatment plants, and particulate filters in dust collection systems.

  • Partnered with the Customer Service team to address all customer quality complaints to provide a timely response to customers
  • Eliminated failures due to incomplete electromagnetic welds by creating a standardized operating conditions workbook at the injection molding workcenter

Engineering Manager - Carlisle Brake and Friction Feb 2017 - Dec 2018

Carlisle Brake and Friction is a leading manufacturer of friction products for on highway and off highway applications. Their wet friction materials are used in mining, construction, and agriculture equipment, while their dry friction products are used in Class 6 - 8 trucks as well as high performance automobiles.

  • Oversaw a team of 10 Process Engineers through a 2-year plant closure project, ensuring a 95% on-time delivery to customers
  • Guided team toward projects and opportunities to support their professional growth and career pathways
  • Developed a retrofit solution for coining equipment, ensuring uninterrupted production of clutch buttons for Asia-Pacific customers within an accelerated timeline, following standard equipment's transfer to the Medina, OH plant.
  • Exported and validated manufacturing process technical data to be entered in ERP system in Medina, OH facility

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer - Carlisle Brake and Friction Jan 2016 - Feb 2017

  • Oversaw installation and validation of automated Okuma CNC friction grooving production center
  • Collaborated with the research and development team to test and validate use of high strength, pre-hardened steel to replace legacy heat treated alloys
  • Achieved $750,000+ in annual cost savings through elimination of material and process waste
  • Localized North American Gear shaping operations by working along side Engineering teams in Medina, OH plant to relocate and refurbish 5 gear shaping machines and associated tooling

Product Development Engineer Team Lead - Carlisle Brake and Friction Jun 2011 - Jan 2016

  • Served as a North American Subject Matter Expert and contributed to a global team responsible for the launch of a cloud-based software system for global product lifecycle management
  • Selected as one of four individuals to participate in the prestigious Carlisle Leadership Foundations program, conducted by the IU Kelly School of Business alongside 150 other talented and emerging professionals within the Carlisle organization
  • Conducted time study analysis on all manufacturing work centers and updated standard operating times to eliminate cycle time variance
  • Created manufacturing plans for prototype and pre-production parts

Recent Blogs

Throughout my time at Holberton, I've written blog posts on various topics. They are listed here in chronological order.

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Static and Dynamic Libraries in C

This blog post discusses how to create and use Dynamic and Static libraries in the C programming language.

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How does Traffic Move Through the Internet

This blog post discusses the chain of events that happens when a web address is typed into the browser and a user hits 'Enter'

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Summary of Krizhevsky et. al.’s 2012 paper on using Deep Neural Networks to classify images in the ImageNet dataset

This blog post is written in the style of a research paper and serves to summarize Krizhevsky et. al.'s paper ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

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Transfer Learning

This blog post discusses Transfer Learning, specifically using a Keras Application that was pretrained on the ImageNet dataset, to achieve a validation accuracy of 87% or higher on the Cifar-10 dataset.

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Hyperparameter Optimization

This blog post discusses how Bayesian Optimization is used to fine tune a model's hyperparameters

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Time Series Forecasting

This blog post is a non-technical introduction to using Time Series Forecasting to predict the valie of BTC

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